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We provide you with the most up to date database of Startup/Tech writers & the best tips and email templates to best compose your story.


If your startup needs any additional help in reaching out to different audinces, we also compile databases outside the Startup & Tech scene

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We've dealt with some of Silicon Valley's finest startups provided them with the most up to date media package that has enabled them to grow their businesses


Keith Ryu - CEO

"TechPress cut straight through the nonsense and gave us all the information we needed to strengthen our PR strategy"

Lawn Love

Lawn Love

Jeremy Yamaguchi - CEO

"We were already pretty set on the PR front, but what TechPress offered was too good to turn down. Michael knows exactly what writers look for in an email and press release.

Simple Habit

Simple Habit

Yunha Kim - CEO

"We were just coming into a period where we wanted to do some PR, so TechPress was incredibly useful. The fact that their product is tailored to Startups & Tech Companies, it was a no-brainer."

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