Press Release Checklist

Getting your startup featured in the news: A press release checklist!

1.A headline. Why should the world care about your story? Make it interesting.

2. A (very) short summary. How short is short? The back of a business card is a great rule.

3. Hit these six points. What, Where, When, Who, Why, and How.

4. Useful amount of copy. 500-600 words is usually perfect. But don’t hesitate to have less if needs be.

5. Keep the superlatives to a minimum. A tech journalist gets press releases every day with words such as disruptive, game changing and futuristic embedded in the text. A journalist merely wants to know why your product is better than the competitions.

6. Write in the third person. This saves the journalist changing it over.

7. Write (very) well. Journalists are usually very busy or very under resourced, sometimes both. If you have a good story, it will be even better if the journalist doesn’t have to re-word the whole thing and correct grammar mistakes.

8. Include quotes. Again, this saves time for the journalist going back looking for them. Quotes from the CEO, CTO etc. are sufficient.

9. A release date. Specify when you want the article to run. (Don’t say tomorrow and don’t say 6 months from now)

10. Background: Give the journalist all the juicy details of the background of your company. This will help a lot.

11. High Definition images: this is massive. Without images, there is no article, and with shitty images, there still is no article. My suggestion: Hire a photographer. How many images you ask? At least 3, but 10+ is great. Give the journalist options. Journalists love product shots with the app etc. in someone’s hand.

12. Make all files easy to download. Make images PNG or TIFF if possible. Don’t embed stuff into a word document

13. Contact info: The journalist may need some additional information, make it easy for them to get this information.

14. Video. Not essential but will drastically improve your chances of getting covered. A vimeo or YouTube video will be sufficient.

Follow these Press Release steps and you will be well on your way to getting your company featured in the press.

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